One day Focusing and Blind painting Workshop

The Body Brain can tell us secrets 10am-5pm, May 18th 2019

We all have our own personal internal guidance systems . Together we can help each other find them.  


By Focusing first. we access a felt sense  of some puzzling issue in our life, perhaps the sense of a heaviness in our heart, or a tangled knot in our belly . Then we allow the body energy of this felt sense to guide our hands as we paint and draw  with our eyes closed.

Blind painting enables us to re-route our creative pathways.  Instead of going from eyes, to brain, to hand to paper, we go directly from body to hand to paper.  The brain does not get the chance to grab onto what we experience and cloak it in interpretations, evaluations, and judgements.

The resulting marks are full of the primal energy of life, unlimited by thought.  They come from the body in the present moment and so provide fresh new shapes and forms never before encountered.  The marks made by this unconscious intent reveal to us the body's wisdom.  

Each participant will create three paintings, a beginning, a middle , and a  place of temporary completion. Those who choose to, with the help of the group, can follow these marks into brand new territory, shedding light into previously dark corners.

To register call 802-254-6881 or email