Six Week Blind Drawing and Focusing Workshop

The Body Brain can tell us secrets


Blind drawing enables us to re-route our creative pathways.  Instead of going from eyes, to brain, to hand to paper, we go from heart /body to hand to paper.  The brain does not get the chance to grab onto what we perceive and cloak it in interpretations, evaluations, and judgements. 

The resulting marks are full of the primal energy of life, unlimited by thought.  They come from the body in the present moment and so provide fresh new shapes and forms never before encountered.  

We will slowly integrate blind drawing with drawing with eyes half open and half closed .   By the end of our six weeks  we will draw with eyes wide open without losing the fresh aliveness of our first primal response to the world.

The consious and unconscious, once they learn to trust each other,  can become magnificent  dance partners.