• More Than Meets the Eye: A Weekend Retreat
  • Emergency overnight retreats
  • Walking in the Woods
  • Silent Retreat
  • Death, Cradle of Creativity II

Workshops and Classes**** See new dates for Collaborative Creations

  • Six-week blind drawing and focusing 
  • Six-week dialoguing with drawings 
  • Eight-week drawing class series​
  • 2 and 1/2 year Certified Focusing Trainer's Course
  • One-day collaborative painting workshop

Private Sessions

Inside the hexagon

  • Focusing and blind-drawing sections
  • Problem-solving
  • Couples focusing
  • A different kind of party



We plan to give tender loving care to the grounds and buildings, by nailing loose boards, weeding crowded flower beds, stacking wood and washing windows. There will also be time to sit and chat by the brook, grab a Focusing partner and go deep, or relax and stretch by the campfire.

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FREE INTRODUCTION TO FOCUSING ..Coming again in the Fall

Come join us for an evening of experiential exercises to get a taste of "Focusing", followed by Q & A.  See if this way of accessing information from the body brain is something you would like to explore further

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In the studio, in the woods, you will have the time and space to relax, refresh, and reflect


I am a focusing trainer, practicing artist, and avid walker in the woods. I live here in Vermont, off the grid, blessedly surrounded by the waters of Stickney Brook and the Forests of West Dummerston. Focusing is the practice of staying in one's direct experiencing and listening without judgement or agenda to what arises in the "body in situation" in the present moment.  If whatever comes is welcomed with interested curiosity and gentle awareness, and is allowed to move at its own pace, old patterns can shift, and new things begin to grow. For more information on Focusing go to http://www.focusing.org/  Consider my website your invitation. I open my studio to you and it, in turn, opens out into the foothills of vermont.  Come join me as we combine focusing, Artmaking, and Nature to celebrate and deepen our relationship with the mystery of life. 

Discover Hidden Gifts, Inside and Out

Huts have been spruced up, new paths cleared, and stone steps built to lead you to the brook.

There is a piano in the main lodge and a full  kitchen with its own refrigerator in the studio. We have new solar panels to add to our off the  grid haven.

Join a small group and learn from others, doing  together, in the presence of nature, what we can't do alone!! See the list of coming attractions below to sign up for the event(s) that speaks to you! Or search the gallery and find the image that asks you to take it home. Images of my newest Art Work have been posted in the galleries under current work.





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