Our Mission

The name of our retreat center is Geryunant, which means making whole by the brook. The forest nestled between two hills is a sacred, welcoming place supported by many mother trees, the nourishing waters of Stickney Brook,  and the hearts of many who have healed here.

There is something inside everything living that wants to become itself. 

Together, with nature, we can create a space that encourages that process to unfold. We can live in a right and wrong free zone where conscious and unconscious intent are equally valued, mistakes become stepping stones, and no one dances alone. 




​Creating bridges between inner and outer worlds has been a constant thread throughout my life. Much of my work, dialoguing with imagery, derives from three sources:

1.) The unquestioned belief I have had since childhood that everything lives and talks.

2.) A desire to facilitate cross-species communication, of all kinds!

3.) The work of my mentors,Artist and Jungian analyst, Edith Wallace, Focusing guru,Eugene Gendlin, and Artist, believer in magic,  my mother, Isabel Hawes.

My early training, BA and MFA, was in Studio Arts. I have curated the Art collections of three major corporations, founded the Art and Architecture committee in Boston, and set up art studios within a software company to help employees exercise the muscles of their intuition.

I worked very hard in my studio for more than fifteen years, and finally discovered a new way.  I have been playing in there ever since.  For the last 30 years this playing has been my true growing space. Inhabiting it is a biological imperative, a life long addiction, a spiritual practice, and what I love to do! 

I offer drawing, collage, and focusing sessions for individuals and groups to facilitate personal growth. I am currently living in West Dummerston Vermont where I pursue an advanced degree in Walking in the Woods and sitting by the brook.


Genoveffa Corea


Gurusangat Singh


Siri Bani Kaur


Guest Instructor


We welcome new ideas, new teachers, new inspiration! Want to work with us? Contact us to see how we can collaborate!