Walking in the Woods


In this weekend retreat, the studio has vanished and with it, the polarities between art and life, product and process. In the studio's place stand the woods, mountains, and rivers of Vermont. Participants will walk in the woods at sunrise, sunset, midday and midnight. We will watch, listen, and feel as the metaphors, like living drawings, arise

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Silent Retreat


Come rest in the arms of stillness, in the woods by the brook.  Here on your own silent retreat you will have all the time and space you need , free of daily distractions, surrounded by nature, to get to know the truth of who you are.  

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More Than Meets the Eye


 This weekend retreat, Oct 4-6, 2019, uses drawing as a metaphor for life, death, birth, and rebirth.No previous experience required.  Come draw into the dark and draw into the light. Discover what happens when you let go and let the drawing  draw itself!

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Death: Cradle of Creativity Session 2


We will go deeper into letting go.  As we allow the creative process to carry us in its endless flow of new , different, everchanging , births and deaths and rebirths, we discover what it is that always remains  the same. 

We will focus on learning  the skill of simultaneously holding the opposites: the still  emptiness and the always moving fullness, the shaped and the shapeless, the finite and the infinite.  We will watch as  our understanding of death  shifts.

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Overnight Emergency Retreats


 Have you had enough? Want to run away from home? Do it, for just one night! This is a wonderful antidote to the fast paced, urgent demands of everyday life. Here, you you can finally pay attention to yourself. Here there is no right and wrong, everything is welcomed just as it is, and there is room to play. 

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