Certification for Focusing Trainers


This three year program combines focusing with the arts for a deeper understanding of the process,  Experiential exercises in writing, painting, and movement are layered with didactic teaching, private focusing sessions, long term focusing projects, practicums, and focusing partnerships.

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Collaborative Creations


These playful three hour collaborative painting  sessions are a way to discover you don't have to take yourself so seriously and you don't have to do "it" alone. Rediscover  the joy you felt as a child when the world was alive with possibilities, not mistakes!

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One day Focusing and blind painting workshop


Blind painting and Focusing are perfect companions to discover what has been waiting inside to get your attention. This one day workshop offers participants the chance to support each other as they discover what the unconscious intent has to tell them.

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Six week Drawing Workshop



Drawing was something you once took for granted and was done as easily as breathing. It was a way of connecting yourself with the world, based on total trust and a sense of no limitations. Problems could always be solved because your resources came from the infinite creative potential of the unconscious.

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Family Playdate


Bring your whole family, grandparents , children, siblings , cousings, current and ex-spouses , there is nothing like playing together to soften old grudges and open new doors.  A variety of materials to choose from, 2D and 3D.

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