Focusing for Couples


Learn how to respond instead of react, to collaborate instead of compete, to accept instead of fix, and to allow instead of do. See the difference deep listening can make in your relationships.

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Get to know your PIGS


Private Focusing sessions last an hour and a half . That time is for you to listen to you. With the help of a trainer you can stay in your direct experiencing and be with what arises in your "body brain".  With an open and curious attitude you will soon  get to know your personal inner guidance system (PIGS). Who else knows what is best for you?

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Problem Solving


Got a problem? You don’t have to figure it out! you don’t have to battle with it! You don’t have to hire a team of experts to get rid of it.  Come to the studio and play with it. Draw with it. Talk to the drawing. Listen to the drawing talk back. Experience the change as it comes in your body.

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A Different Kind of Party


Don't throw the same old kind of shindig, do something different. Have a studio party.  Call to customize your celebration, be it Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, or some special Holiday.  

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