Certification for Focusing Trainers

Learning to listen unconditionally



This is a two year course to receive certification as a Focusing Trainer from the Focusing Institute in New York. As a member you will join a community of dedicated focusers from around the world, and will have access to a forum of discussion with some of the most creative minds in contemporary science and art. The Focusing Institute is an organization which includes professionals from 18 different countries and four continents. 


Discovered in the 1960's by Dr. Eugene Gendlin of the University of Chicago, focusing is a way of accessing bodily knowing and brings brand new information... not yesterdays stale facts, not data you can find on the internet, but creations born of your own experiencing, right now. 

It is a unique movement in that it is easily integrated into many different fields of endeavor: the arts, business, education, spirituality, social work, science and many more. Focusing  is an amazing tool for strategic growth and self healing no matter what the setting.

Are you are looking for more out of your career or personal relationships? Do you want to go deeper? Do you have a sense of “not alive enough”, perhaps an itch that says there are skills you have, but aren’t using?  This program might be just right for you.

This two year program combines weekly classes , all day intensives, and weekend retreats, taking advantage of different formats in which to present the material. We layer focusing with the arts, game playing, and movement to get the information into the cells of your body. It is not about memorizing theories and concepts it is about learning to be fully present and live /work from that place. It is about role modeling this presence to others and listening in a way that welcomes and makes space for what ever comes. 

During the training you will have a chance to grow trust in the fertile soil of listening presence. The bond that results between you and yourself as well as you and others is a lasting benefit of this program.

For more information and to receive a detailed outline of the course call 802-254-6881, or email helenrhawes@gmail.com