Collaborative Creations

April 6, 2pm-5pm

April 27, 2pm-5pm 

May 19, 9:30am-12:30pm

May 26, 9:30am-12:30pm

June 8, 2pm-5pm

June 15, 2pm-5pm

July 13, 2pm-5pm

July 30, 9:30am- 12:30pm

In these times when competition seems to be the default setting for "success" we have allowed our collaborative skills to atrophy.

These playful three hour collaborative painting  sessions are a way to discover you don't have to take yourself so seriously and you don't have to do "it" alone. Rediscover  the joy you felt as a child when the world was alive with possibilities, not mistakes! 

Together we can let go of ownership, enter into relationship / go farther and to places each of us could never go alone / get out of the driver’s seat and into the passenger seat / ENJOY THE RIDE!

Using mixed media we will create a two dimensional portrait of the group, the soul of the moment. Find out what it is like to make brand new marks or steal used ones.  Relax in a safe, right and 

wrong free zone, where goals dissolve into the discoveries of now! Feel the freedom and joy of being part of of a creative collaboration in which all marks are equally valued.

No artistic training necessary , artists of all professions are invited. Suggested donation is $40 dollars which covers the cost of materials, raucous fun, deep insights, and encounters with unfathomable mysteries. Sign up for any three and take ten dollars off each class. 

$40 must be paid one week before the workshop date . Please send checks to: Helen Hawes P.O. Box 42 W. Dummerston VT 05357 .....more info or 802-254-6881…. limited to 12 participants.