Death: Cradle of Creativity Part II

Letting go into the soup of possibiliy

This weekend retreat, TBA, is a sequel to the four sisters workshop held last summer.  

We will be exploring the art of letting go which is intrinsic to the creative process. Before we can create something truly fresh, brand new, we must let go of the familiar, the comfortable, the known.  

Through  painting, writing, sculpture , and movement we will explore the spaces in between when nothing becomes something and something becomes nothing. The soup of possibility.

Playing with materials  as shapes come and go allows us to  explore our relationship to death and dying. As different beliefs and emotions arise we will use focusing to deepen our understanding of  ourselves and discover new ways of looking at  the end phase of life. 

Participants  limited to 14.  Arrive anytime Friday after 3pm and head for home Sunday a 3pm.

The suggested donation for this weekend is $350 and includes food, materials, and curriculum. Lodging is free, be our guest at Geryunant.

Have questions? Call 802-254-6881 or email

To register now ,please send a deposit of $100**  to :

                 Helen Hawes

                  P.O.Box 42

                  West Dummerston

                   VT. , 05357

++fully refundable if cancelled three months before workshop dates, Half if cancelled two months. non refundable after that.