More Than Meets The Eye

A weekend experience.....using drawing as a metaphor for life



More Than Meets The Eye 

Oct 4-6  Friday 4pm through Sunday 3pm

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! from professional artists to those who have never picked up a pencil. We have all had training of one sort or another in navigating the manifest world, the world as society agrees to see it. But what about navigating in a world on the edge of seeing and not seeing. A world that holds opposites with no favoritism and unfolds endlessly from the unknown. Together, we will explore this world of more than meets the eye. 

Life is now. Why not live it fully?

Live the metaphors that point to birth, life, death, and rebirth . This retreat centers around a profoundly simple practice. Together we begin at dusk to draw into the dark. We watch our strategies for control reveal themselves as we lose everything in the world around us to darkness. We learn to let the darkness, the not knowing, carry us as we relax into it’s arms. Then before morning light we start again to draw, This time into the light. As our eyes slowly begin to make out vague shapes emerging from the darkness, we notice the seduction of form and our eagerness to define, to know. How can we play with the variety of life’s different creations and not forget to let ourselves be carried by the underlying current of sacred unity? Why not have it all?

In another practice, we will be slowing down the creative process and removing all distractions, as we draw without materials . Moving as in Tai chi, taking the role of both paper and mark maker, we can discover our hidden , ever present, dance partner, the unseen reality.

“What you see is what you get!” Join us as we stand that paradigm on it’s head! Slow down, listen deeply and find lost parts of ourselves. In the pauses, and emptiness there are hidden gifts.

There will be :

Six delicious locavore meals provided by a wonderful west Dummerston chef,

Tami Trowell  of Rock'n Root Farm.  Organic  meats and vegetables, raised by Tami and Rick with tender loving care - It doesn't get much better than this!!

Time to walk in the woods, dip in the brook, and "chill" out on the deck,  integrating nature with your inner work.

Private focusing sessions available. 

A chance to be our guest, in this rustic, peaceful, off the grid get-away. 

The weekend program, all meals, and art materials are included in the $350 suggested donation.  If the description of this workshop speaks to you and you cannot afford the full amount  there are work study  partial scholarships available .

REGISTRATION: Limit,12 participants. To reserve a space, please send your name, address, email, telephone number deposit of $75*, by Oct. 15. payable to:

Helen Hawes, P.O.Box 42, West Dummerston, VT 05357

Have questions? call 802-254-6881 or email

*fully refundable if cancellation is two months prior, half if one month, non refundable after that