Emergency Overnight Retreats

Give yourself a treat, it’s about time!!!


Easy and affordable, you pay only for your sessions ( a minimum of two) $180. Be our guest for two days and one night in a rustic cabin by the brook, surrounded by the friendly woods of Dummerston. While you are here, feel free to walk the trails, sun on the deck, bird watch, or simply revel in the sacred doing of nothing.

Arrive anytime after 2PM . Get settled, journal, hike, swim. Later you have your first hour and a half focusing/drawing/movement session. ( You can customize your own sessions. Please speak with us before hand about the various options. ) Then go into Brattleboro for dinner, stay and have a cozy meal (private kitchen facilities are available), or picnic on your own in the woods. Invite a dream and sleep well, lulled by the sound of the brook outside your window. 

Next morning after breakfast, fix your own in your private kitchen area , you have another session, deepening what came in the last session and in your dreams. Afterwards play in the studio, or the woods, and allow the metaphors to continue unfolding in your own way. You can stay at Geryunant until 4PM . Picnic lunch or head into Brattleboro and then you’re on your way home. 

Notice the space you now have to be fully present to your daily life, co-workers, friends, and families. Call 802-254-6881 to set up an emergency overnite retreat or email helenrhawes@gmail.com