Problem Solving

Got a problem ? Don’t solve it! Play with it !


Part of the problem with problems is every one calls them problems.

Got a problem? You don’t have to figure it out! you don’t have to battle with it! You don’t have to hire a team of experts to get rid of it, and best of all , you don’t have to feel victimized by it!  Come to the studio and play with it. Draw with it. Talk to the drawing. Listen to the drawing talk back. Experience the change as it comes in your body. 

This “problem” of yours might just be the best thing that ever happened to you.  Experiencing it as metaphor, it will guide you through creative blocks, job and relationship changes, illness, and many other outward signs of inner growth and transformation. 

Drawing is something most of us once did as easily as we breath. We weren’t trying to get something on the outside perfectly replicated. We were listening to something on the inside. We intuitively found the shapes ,sizes, colors, or textures that matched it. Then “it” could be seen by us. Once it moved out into the drawing, there was room again inside for brand new things to come. 

As adults we can relearn to draw and grow this way. Life becomes richer as inside and outside join in a dance of ever expanding possibilities. Stress is reduced and problems are experienced as opportunities to grow. 

Join me in the studio and find an irrefutable source of guidance, your very own imagery!

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Two hour sessions sliding fee scale from $90-$125, materials included. It is strongly suggested that you plan to do three sessions in order to arrive at a place of temporary completion. three sessions slide from $80-$115